GENUS: Creative

The Rhizome Collaborative is a creative studio that digs deep to tackle complex projects and streamline your marketing. We create highly crafted brand and communication pieces as well as delightful online experiences. Our passion is producing content for socially responsible organizations, cultural institutions and planet-friendly businesses.

We focus on working in the spaces of technology, agriculture, environment, science, education, food, healthcare, manufacturing, government, unions and the arts.


As a team of critical-thinking collaborators, we excel at weaving your content through branding, design, writing, web programming, presentations, print, packaging, photography and video. We’ll roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to develop brand, content and digital experiences that help your business grow and prosper.


Jen Pennington
Founder/Creative Director
James McGrath
Web Development Director
Kym Miller
Sr. Production Designer
Ted Grudowski
Video Storyteller


We like putting other nutrients in our mix. That’s why we cherry pick our partners. We’re proud to be a design partner for Interpersonal Frequency (I.F.) a data-driven, Drupal web development company working for government, public libraries and civic institutions across the U.S.

Partners that bring a rich, extended range of services include brand strategy and messaging PR perennials, Samuelson Communications and Radiance Communications. For social media needs, we’ll have Agile Impact dig in to the finer details of SEO and online brand management.

“I love that they get us. We’re a fairly complex organization and we’ve worked with other vendors who didn’t adjust their model to who we are. Rhizome has made an effort to find out who we are and what drives us. And I love their design, too!”

Therese Murphy

Communications Manager, Washington State Council of Firefighters