Brand Identity & Graphic Design

Developing a brand’s unique personality, values, and messaging through a cohesive and visually appealing visual language.

Graphic Design

Graphics are at the heart of what we do at The Rhizome Collaborative. With years of professional production experience, our team crafts brand expressions that work seamlessly from print to web. We combine photography, iconography, illustration, fonts, colors, and textures to create striking, original designs for both digital and printed materials. We’re also skilled in presentations, promotional items, fabrication, signage, and packaging. Check out our Little Rae’s Bakery work.

Photo array of Little Rae's Cookie's in single packages.
lrb cookie cards

Examples from the Little Rae’s Cookies packaging design project.

iheart brand logos
iheart branding guidelines

iheart’s series of brand guides are held in an Airtable database that allows everyone in the organization to have acess to materials that help keep the brand’s look and feel managed and intact.

Brand Identity

With a track record of over 100 brand and logo creations, brand management remains a core part of our work. We recognize that a brand encompasses more than just a logo—it’s how you communicate with the world and fulfill your commitments to customers. It’s about tone, voice, values, and the personality that draws people to your doorstep. In terms of visual identity, we equip you with the necessary formats and guidance to present yourself professionally. Like the iheart work seen here.

iheart logo specs

Logo usage guide for iheart in the U.K.

WCLT Annual Report

Whidbey Camano Land Trust Annual Report

Guides & Reports

Engage your audience with stunning design paired with great content. Rhizome can handle everything from annual reports, magazines, and catalogs to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reports. We also excel at handing off files to printers and ensuring that your digital versions are easy to download while still looking crisp.

plan washington

Plan Washington Strategic Report for the Washington Business Alliance

spokane district 8 annual report

Spokane Fire Fighters District 8 Annual Report

SK Food Group ESG

SK Food Group Annual Report

WSCFF Magazine

WSCFF bi-yearly magazine

Unique Projects

Nothing is out of our realm of consideration if it can be a vehicle (both literally and figuratively) for communication. Our experience in 3-dimensional design, signage, fabrication techniques, and working with local artisans allows us to think outside any box shape, like these hot sauce bottles and unique carriers for the Seattle Fire Fighters HealthCare Trust. 

We’re also not afraid to go big, like the signage, taps, banners and color design for the Elliott Bay Brewing Company.

4 hot sauce bottle mockups

Hot sauce bottle packaging designed to keep fire fighters aware of the multitude of health benefits they can access. QR codes lead to specific pages on the website.

Davey Silver Award Winner
Caddies ready to be delivered in Union Hall

Custom-made hot sauce caddies created to hold print messaging with QR codes that sit on the tables at each Seattle Fire Station.

elliott bay lake city signage

Color palette, signage, banners, and taps designed to align with Elliott Bay Brewing’s Pacific Northwest brand.


Mentor and Inspire…Many of the things we implemented this year from recruiting videos, employee segmentation and value statements and equity guidelines and templates are relatively new for our organization. You taking the time to introduce me to Basecamp, Miro and fully utilizing Canva has been wildly beneficial for not only SK but our sister companies.”

Doug Hall

Senior Director of Marketing, North American Sandwich Division, SK Food Group