Core Values

Whether you would like to hire Rhizome or work for us, our core values represent the heart and soul of our organization. We use them in the decisions we make as a company and see them reflected in the testimonials we receive for the work our talented teams create.


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Make it easy

We simplify solutions for our customers

Great customer service comes back to us in comments from customers who use words like, “they made it so easy,” in testimonials.

We look for solutions that go way beyond a pretty display. Our work has intention and function to create measurable outcomes. 

We create efficiencies and provide guidance and thoughtful strategies to help our customers and both our bottom lines. 

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Navigate with a Moral Compass

We work with a north star of respect

Our collaborators truly care about each other and we have great partnerships in the field. We maintain long-standing relationships that mean the world to us and are part of our ecosystem.

We’ve cultivated outstanding customers who value the work we do. Their organizations do right by the diverse makeup of their communities or their work on the environment. They are genuinely caring people and we nurture these relationships and watch them grow. Their loyalty to us means we will go the extra mile when needed.

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Own it

We embrace a culture of accountability and integrity

If something is wrong, we admit our mistakes and quickly correct them. Whether it is to a client or to each other, we make sure we have trust between all collaborators with an, “I’ve got this,” mantra. 

As collaborators, we are all accountable for the success of a project. To this end, when one of us needs help, another can step in. None of us should feel alone in any project or personal time of need.


Mentor and Inspire

We channel our experiences to support those around us

We create an atmosphere that allows us to learn from each other and take the time to show others what we know. We enjoy passing on knowledge so others can succeed and in turn that success is reflected in happier customers and stronger collaborators.

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Be Curious

We’re always exploring

We embrace knowledge and are passionate about learning. Whether it’s a new technology or learning about the business our clients are in. When we are curious, we break conventions and use design and technology to find disruptive innovation in our solutions. We love research and we bring our findings back to collaborators with ideas or thoughts as to how to move forward. This is our superpower.

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Laugh Together

We take good humor seriously

Humor and having fun is what makes Rhizome unique. Humor serves the creative process: it creates camaraderie, relieves tension and can deliver the levity required to break through to the next level.

Good humor is always in service to the team: we are sensitive to others feelings and we know the difference between right, wrong and inappropriate behavior.

“Their creativity, professionalism, energy and integrity are unmatched. We can always trust them to create realistic, doable timelines and to complete the work within budget. To a person, their team members are personable, highly skilled and responsive.”

Helen Kramer

Executive Secretary, Washington State Council of Fire Fighters