Bob Pennington

Imaging Director

 Favorite book: Encyclopedia Britannica
 Favorite decadent food: Peanut M&Ms
 Little known fact about my childhood: I loved making rockets and got into trouble on more than one occasion for shooting them off.

Bob is a professional photographer, videographer and editor who understands both the creative and technical details of his craft. His 20+ years of experience has led him to become a well-respected photographer known for shooting complex studio shots and a location shooter for a number of manufacturing and food companies. Years ago in Salt Lake City, Bob found his mentor when he studied under Borg Anderson, one of the best in the west. He is also an admirer of the work of Ruth Bernhard, whom he had the pleasure of learning from as well.

His most recent work can be seen on the multiple number of Washington State Council of Firefighters projects. His clients past and present include Bank of America, Eli Lilly, Hewlett-Packard, FedEx, Synrad, Melles Griot, IDEX Optics, MSN Autos, Butch Blum, Elegant Gourmet, WOW Baking Co., SK Food Group and The Gear Works.

When he’s not shooting for clients, Bob spends time working on his craft and honing his skills on a variety of subject matter. Bob is also a real-life MacGyver-fix-it-kinda-guy. Rhizome makes sure he is always armed with scotch tape, paper clips, rubber bands and chewing gum before going on any location shoot.