Lisa Samuelson

Brand Strategist

 Favorite book: Simple by Yotam Ottolenghi
 Favorite decadent food: Cheese. The runnier and smellier the better
 Little known fact about my childhood: I skied the Giant Slalom on the Melbourne University ski team at an inter-varsity ski competition in New Zealand
 Collaborator Since: 2011

Lisa is a sought-after communications professional who is as comfortable advising c-suite executives as mentoring promising entrepreneurs and start-ups.

She’s worked on everything from boat shows to wine to industrial gears to fine jewelry and family foundations. She brings that valuable outside perspective to every engagement. She excels at getting to the heart of your story and telling it in the right way to the right people and right places for your business or organization.

Prior to founding Samuelson Communications, Lisa was a vice president at Parker LePla, a Seattle-based nationally recognized brand strategy firm. There she was also a contributing author to a highly regarded book on branding and leadership, Brand Driven: The Route To Integrated Branding Through Great Leadership.

She holds a BA with honors from the University of Melbourne, Australia and has studied marketing at UC San Diego and public relations at the University of Washington.

Lisa speaks rusty French and Italian, but fluent Australian. A lifelong foodie (yes, you can be a foodie AND eat Vegemite), and travel junkie, Lisa’s favorite memories involve meals, beverages, restaurant experiences and adventures in exotic locations.