Matt McDowell


 Favorite book: Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol
 Favorite decadent food: Anything from Hanazono Asian Noodles in Port Townsend
 Little known fact about my childhood: In my very early childhood, my family lived on a gold mining claim, 12 miles from the end of a dirt road!

Matt McDowell provides development, project management, and hosting and maintenance services to nonprofits, institutions, and small-and-medium-sized businesses in a range of industries including retail, hospitality, compliance, agriculture, and publishing. He brings with him broad experience in usability testing, SEO, performance, security, and competitive analysis. Matt is experienced working in HTML5, CSS3 / Sass, JavaScript (vanilla JS, ES6, jQuery, D3, npm, Babel), PHP7, MySQL / MariaDB, WordPress, Git, Unix CLI, AWS, Apache, Nginx, and more. He also has specialized experience authoring and deploying LMS-compliant e-learning content.