Ozzie Baron

UX Researcher

 Favorite book: For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway
 Favorite decadent food: Escargot
 Little known fact about my childhood: The day before I was born, Ozzie Smith hit a homerun to take the St. Louis Cardinals to the World Series. My parents liked the name, and I’ve been Ozzie ever since.

Ozzie has led and overseen user experience research for dozens of clients, including some of the largest cities and public libraries in the country, nonprofits, school districts and U.S. senators. Specializing in primary research, Ozzie’s mission is to get inside the heads of both internal stakeholders and end users to ensure that our final product perfectly suits the needs of both audiences. Through stakeholder interviews, analytics reviews, survey data and usability testing, Ozzie helps our team fully understand who we’re serving, and what we’re aiming to build. In other words, Ozzie really geeks out on data.

Before UX research, Ozzie worked as a creative on a preschool cartoon that aired on Nick Jr., was a college admissions officer and worked in various and sundry capacities for startups in New York. He graduated from Occidental College with a BA in Philosophy. Ozzie just moved to Nashville, where he really enjoys the fried chicken, and is learning to love country music.