Patty O’Hara

Lead Developer

 Favorite book: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
 Favorite decadent food: A Seasonal Fruit Pastry from Coyle’s Bakeshop in Seattle
 Little known fact about my childhood: I dedicated my spring break in 5th grade to solving a super complex logic puzzle. My bedroom was filled with index cards and handwritten spreadsheets.
 Collaborator Since: 2020

Patty O’Hara has a masters degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering and over 10 years experience building and managing web sites and web-based applications. Clients have ranged from small businesses to large corporations like Washington Mutual and Microsoft, roles have ranged from Content Manager to User Experience Manager to Front-end Developer.

Having spent many years managing and consulting on intranet sites she has a deep understanding of the complexities of managing large volumes of content. With deep focus on the user, she aims to build web sites that are easy-to-navigate as they are to manage.

When not coding, Patty spends her time learning and creating new things. Her current projects include learning to play the accordion.