Research & Strategic Planning

For those embarking on a really big project, there’s nothing like starting with research-based data instead of opinions. Our research team uses a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches to help you understand the wants and needs of your end users, identify your internal goals, hone messages to resonate with your customers and envision where your broader market is heading. Our research is designed to help you make informed, data-oriented decisions concerning your brand, products or website. No question is too broad or too specific.

We’re proud to offer Voice of Citizen analytics, developed by Interpersonal Frequency, which offers uniquely deep and tactical insight into the performance of your current website and the satisfaction of your users. Quarterly Voice of Citizen packages help diagnose issues on your site, and are instrumental in prioritizing ongoing work, to ensure that you are spending time, money and energy as efficiently as possible.

We’re proud to work with UX researchers like Ozzie Baron whose county, public library and government experience is invaluable. Other brand experts like Lisa Samuelson and Sunshine Morrison are our go-to fact gatherers who love unearthing juicy tidbits and then detail a clear set of recommendations.

Here’s a great example of a user workshop: