UX Design

UX-UI processWhen it comes to user experience (UX) design, we look at a project from multiple angles before we even think about what it will look like. We work to understand both the staff’s business goals and the customer’s pain points to put forth a strategy that will resonate with all. At the heart of any design is good wayfinding, ease of use and accessibility compliance.

We use Agile-like processes and prefer to do workshops with our clients from the very beginning. We try to uncover the focus areas of a new digital design and understand the tasks and needs of your audience. We’ll mock up prototypes, user flows or any other visually engaging way to make sure everyone understands how a design will work and what it will look like.

To make your online experience more delightful, we rely on good user interface (UI) design to create a visually appealing site that makes it easy for customers to understand a site’s structure. Whether it be in the form of font hierarchies, color cues or patterns for contextual highlights, we know our stuff.

Skills: Sketch, InVision, Slickplan, Airtable.