Web & Technical Development

Form and Function

At The Rhizome Collaborative, we wear our reputation as a creative agency with pride, but don’t let that shiny surface fool you, our technical chops perfectly compliment our creative drive. We understand that genuine innovation occurs when our creative and technical teams are fully synced to address our clients’ needs.

Rhizome delivers rock solid technical solutions whether we’re engineering data-driven apps for Washington’s Wildland Fire Roster, developing a custom web-accessible widget for Air Quality agencies, or seamlessly integrating a virtual “battle of the bands” event with donation functionality for Valley Cultural Foundation.


Technical Expertise:
  • WordPress (modern development consistent with WordPress coding standards and best practices)
  • Accessibility (WCAG 2.1 & 2.2 Levels A & AA)
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • E-Commerce (WooCommerce, Shopify, Stripe)
  • Integration (events, donations, CRM, interactive maps, podcasts, forums, memberships)
  • Web Hosting Provider Management (Siteground, Union-Active, Bluehost, Pantheon)
  • Search Engine Optimization & Google Analytics

Development Languages:

HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, Python, React, Perl, C#, SQL/MySQL