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Managing Your Project’s Ecosystem

Complexity in a project requires breaking down tasks into manageable components. Our proven project management methodology tracks your network of data, content, research, and assets by organizing them into several simpler structures.

A single source of truth

We use an Airtable base to hold multiple tracks where team members can follow an ecosystem of the crucial, interconnected pieces of a project. Hence the nickname, EZ Tracker.

Every EZ Tracker base is tailored to each client’s project and becomes a single source of truth for brand assets, data, sprints, schedules, video logistics, information architecture, functionality specs, content locator, test plans, and more. It’s an evolving, living document that stays with us throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

Why this method?

In one word—versatility. We tried other fancy apps alongside and in conjunction with standard business applications, but it always came down to the same problem. There were multiple documents in multiple locations and no single source of truth. Our goal: Keep things tidy and easy for everyone to follow and eliminate the dreaded question that starts with… Where the hell is that..?

We not only embraced this methodology for our clients, in fact, we use it everyday for Rhizome’s internal work as well. Our Airtable bases handle everything from brand guides, organizational onboarding, and income and expense tracking, to keeping our Vision and Traction Organizer up-to-date. (See Traction by Gino Wickman).



Sprint Planning

Keep on top of your project, and see what’s coming next.

  • Sync your base with to-dos in Basecamp
  • Lookup a project’s status in the timeline quickly
  • View schedule by list, calendar or chart

Content Manifests

Keep it, toss it, rework it.

  • Map of all your content, including docs and PDFs
  • Determine which content stays and which content goes—it’s liberating!
  • Sort and filter items to inform a new information architecture. (See the next slide)

Information Architecture

Understand the relationship of your content 

  • Turns a content manifest into a visual diagram
  • Instructions for content writers, designers, and developers
  • Easy to make changes and manage page/post relationships

Brand Assets

Protect your brand! 

  • Keep your brand intact and don’t let it go rogue
  • Visualize the logos you need and understand which formats work best for which applications
  • Keep your graphic usage guides handy
  • Maintain clear, consistent messaging across your brand

Miro Brainstorming Sessions

Don’t forget all that cool brainstorming work you did!

  • Keep your workshop notes close at hand
  • Reflect back on the goals and metrics you want to set at the outset of a project
  • Reread what your team members said about certain ideas
  • Quickly jump right back into a Miro whiteboard any time

Online Intake Forms

Collect the data you need

  • Create forms that will help you collect data
  • Deploy surveys or quick polls easily
  • Collect data and turn it into online charts
  • Gather content from writers
  • Collect feedback and track website issues

Catalog Creation

Keep your catalog data at your fingertips

  • Attach images and create gallery views of products
  • Embed views on a website
  • Collaborate with teams and create cost-saving proofing efficiencies
  • Make print layouts and export PDFs to desktop publishing programs
The Rhizome process with Airtable really helped keep the project on track and organize the data in a way that the whole team could consume and track their work. Jen and her team also made it fun to collaborate together!”
Eric Burgess

Chief Growth Officer, Interpersonal Frequency

Over my career, I have been involved in several website redesigns. The recent experience with the Rhizome team was the most effective and efficient revamp I’ve ever experienced. And this was all done via ZOOM due to the pandemic!

Their use of the software tools like Airtable, made the whole process run smoothly and helped us meet our deadlines. The Information Architecture made it easy to track where we were throughout the writing stage.

Our new website is attracting new viewers and everyone is impressed with the beautiful design
and user friendly layout. I highly recommend the Rhizome team!”

Lee Benner

Development Director, Arboretum Foundation