Animated Cards

Animated Greetings

We’ve had the pleasure of creating some very fun and unique animated holiday cards for drinkware manufacturer PMI-Worldwide. PMI is the maker of the renowned Stanley® and Aladdin® brands. The following short videos were crafted to send to vendors and customers across the globe, wishing them happy holidays. The first video combines hand drawn, frame animated line drawings with video of a hand flipping postcards from various PMI locations. The result was an animated, energetic piece set to upbeat music.

For the second video we were given the Alice in Wonderland theme and PMI provided the video of each office saying, “Happy Holidays.” The rest was up to us and we were given the creative freedom to produce this clever card for the company.  Because the original Alice in Wonderland illustrations by Sir John Tenniel were in the public domain, we were able to use them as animated two-dimensional characters in 3-dimensional spaces. Original music was also composed for this piece, giving it a dramatic flair.