Brochures & Print

When it comes to brochures and print, Rhizome works like a tailor, selecting the right materials, measuring and crafting a great fitting suit. The design is in the details and we are pros at knowing the print process and choosing environmentally friendly papers. Our process ensures there are enough design and proofing rounds to make you feel comfortable with how we work. Once a customer approves the design, we finalize all our electronic mechanicals and communicate directly with the printer to ensure there is a complete understanding of all specifications.

PMI Corporate Responsibility Report

Social responsibility report for PMI Worldwide, makers of Stanley® and Aladdin® drinkware.

pool pump postcards

Rhizome created a delightful campaign to help the Palm Desert area make residents aware of an energy-saving pool pump replacement program-Winner of a Silver Davy Award.

plan washington

The Washington Business Alliance has been creating a report each year ranking how the state is doing across six different business sectors.

ENCO Brochure covers