Government & Ports
Cobb county

Responsibilities: UX design, wireframes, high-fidelity comps, style guide.

Interpersonal Frequency (I.F.) contracted Rhizome to design sites for the Northwest Seaport Alliance in Washington, The Office of the Attorney General in Washington, D.C. and Cobb County, Georgia. Each site used I.F.’s Voice of Citizen analytics, in-depth interviews and stakeholder goals to guide the design phases to follow and each site presented its own unique set of challenges.

For the Northwest Seaport Alliance we participated with I.F.’s researchers to conduct a workshop and focus group to examine areas meant for truckers and shippers, the two biggest audiences for the site.

For the Attorney General, we streamlined their navigation, and made news items and issues a priority.

For Cobb County, the site had an incredibly complex structure with so many sub directories and departments. We found a way to showcase each department so admins could choose from varying color schemes and templates. This allowed each department to be slightly different from another while still allowing everything to be branded under one Cobb County umbrella.

Responsibilities: Architecture, workshops, UX design, wireframes, high-fidelity comps.

Office of the attorney general DC website

Responsibilities: Architecture, UX design, wireframes, high-fidelity comps.