Corporate responsibility

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with companies that not only produce remarkable products, but are leaders when it comes to how they run their operations and treat their employees. From companies that make gears that are still going strong on the Mars Rover to strong brands like Stanley® with a 100 year history of the best thermoses and other products and its sibling Aladdin®. (To this day, Jen covets a vintage Bionic Woman lunchbox).

A good example is the PMI-Worldwide Responsibility website. While the products are made overseas, the company has worked hard to ensure the lives of the factory workers and staff in these countries is met with the highest standards of social responsibility. For PMI we architected, designed, and developed a way for them to tell their stories and keep other distributors interested. We also edited the articles and wrote a few on request, interviewing their corporate sustainability officer.

We also designed the original site for Radiant Vision Systems, a Konica-Minolta company focused on quality control and flaw detection systems to help other tech manufacturers test the products we enjoy and use everyday. For this site, security was key with the availability of downloadable software. In the end we decided a Drupal solution would fit the bill better than WordPress. We architected, designed and built a front-end responsive theme and hired a Drupal engineer to build the site.


PMI’s corporate responsibility website.

Radiant Vision Systems Website