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Lasers from IDEX photonics

Makers, Bakers and Assemblers

Bob Pennington, Rhizome’s primary photographer, eats up anything related to science and industry. It is a passion of his, evident in the way he captures the beauty and elegance of objects from the smallest of lenses to the largest of machinery. Some of the industrial images are related to how natural resources like wood or minerals are amassed, while others showcase the efficiency and cleanliness of manufacturing of capabilities. He’s never afraid to don a bunny suit in a clean room, a hard hat in heavy manufacturing or a hair net in a food facility. Bob’s understanding of mechanical processes, safety and showcasing that perfect concept is what sets his work apart.


the gear works catwalk

One of the oldest and largest gear manufacturing facilities in North America

sk food group assembly line women

Women on the sandwich assembly line at SK Food Group