Training & Education

Educational Videos

Rhizome was hired to help the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters (WSCFF) develop a series of short educational videos. The videos help new members understand the benefits their union provides.  The 11-part series called, “Power Through Participation” replaces the outdated binders of documentation. The educational videos range from community service to health and wellness, and from the structure of the union to political action and more. A trainer teaches a workshop with new members and shows the videos as part of the session. This series took 2 years of compiling footage along with 20 + interviews across the state to help tell their story.

“The new Power Through Participation that Rhizome helped develop has really helped make it interactive. I have given the Power Through Participation presentation many times over the years, but the new PowerPoint based PTP with the embedded videos has made it much more interactive. When our new members are engaged they retain the information they are learning. Thank you for doing such a great job with this project.”

Tim Hoover, 3rd District Representative, WSCFF Public Relations Committee and is the IAFF 7th District representative to the IAFF EMS Committee.