Water Utilities

Precious Water Resources

Water utilities all face issues related to their geographic locations, weather, cities and rural areas. This means each water utility website must address customer concerns in their own unique way. There are commonalities though, such as the need to reassure the public they are supplying clean drinking water. Other concerns, like the handling of stormwater, reservoirs, environmental concerns, floods and droughts, require easy-to-find information at a customer’s fingertips, especially in an emergency. We learned a lot about what residents, businesses and contractors wanting to do business with the utility were looking for.

Jen, Heather and Ozzie all worked on these sites for Drupal development agency, Interpersonal Frequency (I.F.). What makes the UX and UI design stand out is the great data presented by I.F. using their proprietary Voice Of Citizen software, which collects data three months prior to designing anything. The data then allows the customer to better understand the tasks at hand and the UX Design teams to strategize about what users want and the tasks they want to accomplish. During this time, Ozzie Baron will interview stakeholders to gain a more in-depth understanding of the business goals of each utility.

Client: Interpersonal Frequency for Denver Water and Santa Clara Valley Water.


Architecture, UX/UI design, working closely with researchers and developers. Developed in Drupal by I.F.

Denver Water