Making government websites more accessible to the public

Olympic Region Clean Air Agency

ORCAA's responsive new website

“Working with the Rhizome Collaborative was a great experience for ORCAA and I’m looking forward to our ongoing work together in maintaining our site and potentially other projects.”

Jeff Johnston

Executive Director, Olympic Region Clean Air Agency

A website overhaul for the Olympia Region Clean Air Agency, committed to advancing air quality across six counties on the western side of Washington state. Notable features encompass the capacity to showcase air quality statistics for all six counties, the implementation of an innovative database system that streamlined data entry processes, the creation of a bespoke Notices Map, and a tailored system for managing notices and news posts, facilitating rapid and efficient updates by administrators.

Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency

“I think all aspects of the project went really smoothly – I especially appreciated the systems used to communicate with team members and to keep the project on schedule in meeting important milestones. I loved the collaborative nature of your team with each bringing a variety of experiences and skills to the project. I refer to you as my “dream team.”

Lisa Woodard

Communications/Outreach Manager, Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency

A website revamp for the clean air agency dedicated to improving air quality throughout Spokane County. In the course of this project, we also completely redesigned the way the burning conditions and Air Quality Index (AQI) data/forecasts were displayed. None of the widgets were ADA-accessible so we used the color constraints we were given to create a completely new and innovative way of presenting the data. For more info on this exciting project, and our process, read the full story here. 

Office of the Attorney General for D.C.

Responsive Office Attorney General DC image

Using research and stakeholder interviews from Interpersonal Frequency, we redesigned the site for the Attorney General’s office in D.C. The new design streamlined their navigation and made news items and issues a priority. 

Web design for and development by Interpersonal Frequency.

Cobb County, GA

Responsive Cobb County image
Cobb county color palette

The site for Cobb County Georgia was very complex and featured a large list of departments and sub sections that needed to be differentiated from each other but maintain similar conventions to promote consistency throughout the site. The UX design sought to create a simple color-coded system that would be accessibility compliant along with a double-tiered method of navigation.

Web design for and development by Interpersonal Frequency.