Data that reflects personality

JLT graphical value set

The ability to add icons to projects is essential for so many organizations. Nowadays adding icons via Font Awesome has become part of every website’s language, but when creativity calls for more, Rhizome knows just how to answer. We jumped at the chance to create our own and tie these graphics in to a database, making it easier for admins to illustrate their stories. Some are complex, like the icons used for the Jefferson Land Trust field guides as part of their storytelling features. Others are part of map databases, and are used to display info with a simple click on the map.


wclt special feature sets

Large metric circles hold numercial data, while the special features area for Interpersonal Frequency’s website are a combination of font awesome and custom illustrated icons.

if metrics and special features
WSCFF illustrated interactive demo

In other cases an entire suite of icons was created for the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters as part of a branding effort to educate young members about what a union does for a worker. Here the icons are used as curiosity boxes. Clicked open they reveal more detailed information.