Sharp design and photography for a precision optics manufacturer

IDEX lenses

IDEX is a precision optics and laser manufacturing firm in the U.S. They approached Rhizome seeking some highly conceptual photography pieces for their cover of their catalog and marketing communications. We set to work to visually experiment how we wanted to move light through their optics.

The trick was making a table set that would allow us to position the lenses on their edges. In order to keep them from rolling off the table, we rested them on only a few grains of salt. We knew we wanted to achieve colorful reflections, a bokeh pattern, and an interesting depth of field effect without doctoring the photos. The photo had to be a direct representation of what was happening in the lenses in order to be true to their product line. The result is some of the best experimental work we’ve ever produced.

Idex catalog cover and back
Idex lenses
idex ad
idex ad