Bringing our strategic partner a high concept site that shines a light on their work and values

Move the slider left or right to see a before and after of this site’s makeover.

This site was created in collaboration with our strategic partner Interpersonal Frequency. The Rhizome team was responsible for the research, design, and development of this site while the I.F. team was responsible for creating the vast amount of content on the site.

Every site starts with great research. For this site, a staff-wide survey and in-depth stakeholder interviews were conducted to gather insightful feedback. Once complete, we presented all findings to the entire company and teased the concept of if & then statements (playing on acronoym of IF) throughout the presentation to see how people would react.

If and then would later become part of the branding theme we wanted to infuse throughout the site.

if and then statements
if research slides
if research

After the research was completed, we developed a new architecture based on several meetings and a whiteboarding session that would be be our springboard for the project.

Subsequently, we set out to design some B&W wireframes, succeeded by high fidelity color mockups.

IF Org chart
IF Whiteboarding
if-b&w wireframes
if color comps