Little Rae’s Bakery


Materials as colorful as the cookies they promote

Rhizome creates a wide variety of marketing materials for Little Rae’s Bakery. In addition to our catalogs showcasing the best of their products, the catalogs are also highly technical pieces, as many of the products and specifications are stored in an Airtable database. We work collaboratively with the client to ensure we are always pulling the most recent data. This saves everyone time in proofing the accuracy of the products’ specs. Rhizome is also responsible for the art direction and photography of their products.

Little Raes Bakery Catalog
Interior catalog page
square cookie bags

Colorful seasonal packaging was also designed to cradle the bottom of the cookies while allowing the top part of the cookie to be clearly in view. This packaging allows customers to sell them singly or within a caddy we also designed.

We applied a similar theme to two tall 7′ high tradeshow banners and a table runner for a backdrop that would have enough contrast to hold lots of cookie products.


lrb cookie cards
tradeshow booth unicorn
tradeshow booth shark
tradeshow runner comp