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Interpersonal Frequency

The map on the home page of the website was designed to showcase the various projects I.F. has completed across the U.S in specific sectors. The map is programmed in Leaflet with a Snazzy Maps overlay, and the data is driven on the back-end through a Drupal CMS. It was vital to color-code the pins (we made our own to match the branding) according to sector, and to highlight at least one metric within the popup box. Upon the click of a pin, a right-side drawer slides leftward to reveal more about that project and link the user to a detail page. The subdued blue color pallete allows for greater contrast and a seamless, highly-accessible brand experience across all devices.


ifsight map home page
ifsight map on mobile
if sight map overlay

Whidbey Camano Land Trust

This map was created in MapBox to showcase the protected properties the land trust works hard to conserve. The side drawer info contains a beautiful photo of the area and two layers of special attributes. The first is the overarching conservation values and the second are the activities allowed on or around the protected areas.

Filters at the top of the page allow users to select how they want to view or look up information on the map.

wclt interactive map
wscff map of fire fighter locals

Washington State Council of Fire Fighters (WSCFF)

With 122 locals located in Washington State, the WSCFF wanted a way to share each locals information to all members. Pins are color coded by district number and the slide drawer reveals each local’s logo, name and contact information, making it a handy reference for all members and the public.