A new identity for a center built for research, training, and education about our state water systems

washington stormwater logo variations

Washington Stormwater Center envisions a future where communities are knowledgeable about stormwater research and proactively plan and utilize tools to minimize flooding, protect clean water, and promote thriving ecosystems.

Affectionately named, “Raindrop Mountain,” this logo incorporates the wording into one robust icon that is strong, unique and easily recognizable. It works well in both black and white and in a single-color format if necessary. The color version shows fresh and bright hues with blue representing the sky and water, and green as the ground and the concept of a clean environment. With blue at the top and green at the bottom, the icon is separated by the word “STORMWATER”. Stormwater is then perfectly situated to be the transition between sky and earth.

Raindrop Mountain’s summit becomes an apex or pinnacle, suggesting the highest authority, and a metaphor for a mountain of information and leadership.

Stormwater Channel variation