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Santa Clara Valley Water

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This design of this site features a robust search and separates the site into two distinct areas. The main site is for customers and residential users while the other side is for contractors and vendors of the organization. UX workshops held at project kickoff helped the customer understand the website redesign process. In turn, we learned about the client’s major pain points including informing the public in the event of a natural disaster, such as a major flooding. The new site also addressed the need for residents to find out more about their surrounding area and potential flood zones.

Web design for and development by Interpersonal Frequency.

Denver Water

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Though a series of guided workshops at project kickoff with the client, we were able to take survey data and in-depth interview research and weave it seamlessly throughout the design process. The designs were then rigorously refined via usability testing to achieve the best possible navigation system. The results of the testing helped us iterate the design and find the right navigation labels that were clear and easy-to-use for customers prior to any development work.

Web design for and development by Interpersonal Frequency.