Research & Discovery

Our research uses a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches to help you understand the wants and needs of your end users. We’ll help you identify your internal goals, hone messages to resonate with your customers and craft where your broader market is heading.

Surveys & In Depth Interviews

Surveys can provide an invaluable glimpse into quantifying issues we want to understand better. We keep them short, and work hard to ensure we don’t ask leading questions or create bias. 

When we need to dig deeper, we schedule in-depth interviews with stakeholders or customers.

Recent projects have included work for the Seattle and Spokane Fire Fighters, Sound Water Stewards, Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency as well as the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency. 

Past projects have included work for public libraries, water utilities, and the NW Seaport Alliance.

Airtable Interface

Dashboard with data presented to Spokane Fire Fighters Benefit Trust


We facilitate workshops that bring stakeholders together. These rich and rewarding interactions are custom developed to ensure we are hitting the goals of a project. While workshops are always more fruitful in-person, during Covid we employed Miro-based whiteboarding techniques that worked very well over Zoom.

Facilitations have included workshops for the Tulsa City-County Public Library, the NW Seaport Alliance, Denver Water, Washington State Council of Fire Fighters, Sound Water Stewards and the Olympic Regional Clean Air Agency.

SFFHCT workshop

Content, UX, and design workshop for Seattle Fire Fighters HealthCare Trust.

Design workshop for Tulsa City-County Public Library in Oklahoma.

Design workshop for Boston Water and Sewer Commission.

Strategic Planning

Whether it’s a functional specification, a sprint schedule, a content-first website plan, or a marketing communications plan that runs for a full year, we are adept at creating clear, easy-to-follow plans with assignees, dates and cost breakdowns when needed. Because in the immortal “A-Team” words of George Peppard’s , Hannibal Smith character, “we love it when a plan comes comes together.”

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Ecozome Tracker Content

Working with the Rhizome team has been great for our members and their families. One of my favorite things has been their ability to make it easy, but more importantly make it happen. Jen and her team come up with ideas and then are off to the races to deliver on the concepts. I always look forward to updates and hearing about what ideas the Rhizome team has come up with to help us meet our members where we can serve them the best.

Tony Savelli

Board Director and Trustee, Local 27 and the Seattle Fire Fighter's HealthCare Trust