Welcome to our all-in-one video showcase and interactive storytelling example area! Below we invite you to peruse our video gallery, and to play with before and after photos and timeline functionality. Then take a deeper dive through some engaging storymaps. At the bottom of this page we’ve also provided a list of URLs for quick reference and an easier to read view of our schedule and budgets.

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Video Gallery

Conservation videos by Ted Grudowski. See more of Ted’s Conservation Videos on his website.

Firefighter videos by Jen and Bob Pennington with some help from Ted. See the entire Power Through Participation Series on the WA state Council of Fire Fighters website.

SKFG video by Bob Pennington.

Animations by Jen & Bob Pennington


Interactive Examples


Before and after juxtaposition functionality is a perfect way to get viewers to understand then & now scenarios. In this example two photos of the same pond were taken 2 weeks apart. One heavy with snow, and one on a sunny day.  Move/swipe the slider to see full views.

Interactive JourneyMap prototype with text, pictures and video.

Interactive Timelines

Timelines are great storytelling devices. While most people use them to present a history, why not go further into the future 10, 20, or 100 years from now with projections of how things could be. Set goals to inform your audience of not just where you’ve been, but how you will achieve your future goals. The example below was created for the Washington State Council of Firefighters.

ARC GIS Storymaps

Stories about the land, farms, forest and salmon.

Writing by Sandy Pederson. Design by Jen Pennington, Development by James McGrath

Chimacum Creek Watershed

Tamanowas Rock

Snow and Salmon Creeks

Illahee Preserve

Quimper Wildlife Corridor


Examples of other maps with stories we can implement

These examples come from, a Northwestern University program dedicated to interactive storytelling. We did not do these but we think they are great concept for your project.

Example of walking through someone else’s history

“Over my career, I have been involved in several website redesigns. The recent experience with the Rhizome team was the most effective and efficient revamp I’ve ever experienced. And this was all done via ZOOM due to the pandemic!

Their use of the software tools like Airtable, made the whole process run smoothly and helped us meet our deadlines. The Information Architecture made it easy to track where we were throughout the writing stage.

Our new website is attracting new viewers and everyone is impressed with the beautiful design and user friendly layout. I highly recommend the Rhizome team!”

Lee Benner

Development Director, Arboretum Foundation (Seattle)